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Sunday, April 15, 2012

We vow we'll - strive for HIGHER, shine BRIGHTER, emerge STRONGER

Well, the year has begun, the expectations set, and the energy levels are greater than ever. You have already been introduced to the English course content and you surely are bubbling with energy to conquer your textbooks.

Let’s begin the year recalling the motto for eternal success:

strive for HIGHER, shine BRIGHTER, emerge STRONGER.

Hey ho, the times are mine,

I can’t fall short if I strive.

Gone are the days to whine,

Hail me, one with the courage to drive.

Earnest desire never failed anyone,

Reach the summit and prove your mettle.




Silly me, I used to feel scared,

Tired of challenges life bared.

Rigorous demands on my time and energy,

Openly revealed my lethargy.

Never could the day come to win,

Given that I wasn’t ready to get grilled.

Each of those days were great teachers,

Rearing me lovingly to be an achiever.




Bring on the fire,

Roaring winds aren’t unwelcome either.

Irksome gales are but little ripples,

Ground shaking quakes just minor hiccups.

How else, my dear, would you

Test my varied hues?

Even through the darkest hour,

Radiant will you find my will power.

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