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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dos and Don'ts for Assignments

The following points are to be kept in mind and followed religiously for harvesting desired results:

  • Maintain a single notebook for Language and Literature.
  •  Each assignment must be labeled as C.W/H.W to keep a track. It makes it easy for you as well to catch up, in case you've missed portions.
  • Update the index simultaneously with assignments.
  • Emphasize  neatness, legibility and presentation  in your work. It counts for twenty percent of your performance.
  • Deadlines of the assignments to be adhered strictly.
  • Do not ignore remarks by teachers. Follow-up to strengthen the positive and improve upon the lagging.
  • Do not FORGET notebooks and books at home. It  reflects your seriousness towards the subject.
  • The course demands ample writing assignments. Therefore, it becomes imperative for each one of you to consistently read plenty of sample writings, enrich your vocabulary bank and apply the same.
  • Keep visiting the blog for interesting write-ups, links and aids for your assignments.

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