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Saturday, April 21, 2012

A pettiness ( Verse by Priya Poddar)

After a long period (constituting of almost a quarter of an year) I found my inspiration. This is based on a real event that occurred during one of my mindless balcony visits. A little help was also given by Yiruma's 'When the love falls' (Epic music which is). And the reason, still is unknown. 

A Pettiness 

As strange an encounter as it couldn't be.

For this was just a small kid from the neighbourhood.

And this was but only another noon. 

As his father, on went with his work,

drawing pictures in his mind,

his restless actions gave away the peace-less. 

As in none my interests I observed him

Following a deer would have been less ardous

And this was but only another noon. 

As his shadow followed him through the reality

He stomped his foot on the marble

On nothing appearing apparent. 

As the clomp increased the pace and sound

the peace-less creeped in me

And this was only but another noon. 

As the unnoticed reason was noticed for its absence

strict restlessness now settled in my being

which on a pursuit, was left miserable. 

Why was he doing this? Where was the reason?

The miserablity was only aggravated.

And this was but only another noon. 

Inflamed by the nothingness of the hap

on this another noon, I realised

There was a part of my own tender age

Which was lost somewhere.

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