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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Voiceworks Balloon Debate

VOICEWORKS- The Literary Week
Name of the Event: 
     Taking the wind out of sails – The Voiceworks Balloon Debate

Class:  XI                                                                  Day: May 9, 2012

Details about Preliminary and Main Rounds (in points):
  1.  Group division: XI A, B, C, will be divided into groups of 4 for conducting the interclass balloon debate.
  2.       The premise: A person takes on a particular role and then we imagine that all these characters are together in a hot air balloon that is rapidly falling. One must be thrown overboard to save the others, but who will it be? Each participant must make a speech saying why they should be allowed to stay in the balloon. The rest of the class votes, and the loser is disqualified.
  3.       Choosing the character: Each group of four will be given a theme – scientists, literary figures, painters, actors, etc. The teacher can suggest some names under each category and the students will be free to choose any.
  4.    The rounds:

Click on the picture to enlarge.

   5The levels
Intra class: Each group will undergo three rounds and one character will be eliminated in each round. In the end, each hot air balloon will have one winner and the winners will be teamed in another balloon.  The rounds will be conducted once again and the number of winners per class will be brought to four.
Interclass: The class winners will then be teamed up in a balloon (one balloon per class) and an interclass competition will be held – in the courtyard or the amphitheatre.
School level: The final group of four winners will present the debate in the Voiceworks presentation during the Literary Week.

     6.  Judging criteria:
10 - Content (facts and examples)
10 - Organization (introduction, body, conclusion)
10 - Presentation (voice modulation, punctuation
10- Body language (posture, eye contact); 10 - Language (vocabulary, creative expressions)
Total – 50

Suggested Characters for the Debate:

1.     Alexander the Great
2.     Cleopatra
3.     David Beckham
4.     Casanova
5.     Julius Caesar
6.     Elizabeth I
7.     Cher
8.     Leonardo Da Vinci
9.     Caligula
10.  Boadicea
11.  Charlie Chaplin
12.  Michelangelo
13.  Nero
14.  Florence Nightingale
15.  Marilyn Monroe
16.  Mozart
17.  William the Conqueror
18.  Louis Pasteur
19.  Elvis Presley
20.  Beethoven
21.  Martin Luther King
22.  Eva Peron
23.  Diana, Princess of Wales
24.  Thomas Edison
25.  Genghis Khan
26.  Margaret Thatcher
27.  Lassie
28.  Marie Currie
29.  Marco Polo
30.  Queen Victoria
31.  Bob Geldof
32.  Rembrandt
33.  Christopher Columbus
34.  Mother Theresa
35.  Mickey Mouse
36.  Picasso
37.  John F Kennedy
38.  Francis of Assisi
39.  Sir Alf Ramsey
40.  Van Gogh
41.  Mao Tse Tung
42.  Mary Seacole
43.  Maria Callas
44.  William Shakespeare
45.  Mahatma Gandhi
46.  Catherine the Great
47.  Andrew Lloyd Webber
48.  Jane Austen
49.  Richard III
50.  Helen of Troy
51.  Alfred Hitchcock
52.  Orville Wright
53.  Sir Francis Drake
54.  Mary, Queen of Scots
55.  Andy Warhol
56.  Charles Dickens
57.  Henry VIII
58.  Oliver Cromwell
59.  John Lennon
60.  Alexander Fleming
61.  Richard the Lionheart
62.  Marie Antoinette
63.  Madonna
64.  William Harvey
65.  Robin Hood
66.  Napoleon Bonaparte
67.  Brigitte Bardot
68.  Charles Darwin
69.  Charlemagne
70.  Garibaldi
71.  John Wayne
72.  Howard Hughes
73.  Nelson Mandela
74.  Isambard Kingston Brunel
75.  Garfield Sobers
76.  Andrew Carnegie
77.  Winston Churchill
78.  Emily Parkhurst
79.  Donald Bradman
80.  Christopher Wren
81.  Lord Baden-Powell
82.  Albert Einstein
83.  Jesse Owens
84.  Pele
85.  Benjamin Franklin
86.  George Stephenson
87.  Mick Jagger
88.  Karl Marx
89.  Leif Eriksson
90.  Amelia Johnson
91.  Berry Gordy
92.  Bob Dylan
93.  Spartacus
94.  Montgolfier
95.  Errol Flynn
96.  Christian Barnard
97.  Henry Ford
98.  Alexander Graham Bell
99.  Bob Marley
100.     Machiavelli

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