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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blueprint for Class XI English Exam 2012-13

3 Hours                                                                                                                       Marks: 90

Section A
READING (15 Marks)
Question 1: Long Reading Passage of 600 Words                                                 08 Marks
Question 1 shall have two sets of questions
a) 6 Questions carrying 1 mark each, out of which two shall be MCQs - 6x1= 6 Marks
b) Vocabulary Testing - 2 Questions carrying one mark each. 2x1= 2 Marks

Question 2: Reading Passage of 500 Words for Summary and Note Making     07 Marks
a) Note making - 5 Marks
b) Summary - 2 Marks

Writing Skills - 26 Marks

Question 3: One out of two short writing/composition tasks based on notice/ poster/ advertisement.                                                                                  (50 Words) 05 Marks
Question 4: One out of two compositions in the form of article, speech, or a debate
(150 - 200 Words) 08 Marks
Question 5: Writing one out of two letters based on verbal input. It would cover all types of letters.                                                                                                                     07 Marks
Question 6:     Report/Factual Description                                                     06 Marks

Grammar - 10 Marks
Different grammatical structures in meaningful contexts will be tested. Item types will include gap filling, sentence re-ordering, dialogue completion and sentence transformation. The grammar syllabus will include determiners, tenses, clauses, modals and Voice. These grammar areas will be tested using the following test types.

Question 7: Error Correction 04 Marks
Question 8: Editing Task 04 Marks
Question 9: Re - Ordering of Sentences 02 Marks

Textual Question - 24 Marks
Question 10: One out of two extracts based on poetry from the text to test reference to
context, comprehension and appreciation. 01x04 = 04 Marks
Question 11: Five out of six short answer questions (up to 40 words) on the lessons from
poetry prose and plays from both Hornbill and Snapshots with 3+3 pattern. (3 questions each from each book) 05X02 = 10 Marks
Question 12: One out of two long answer questions based on the prescribed Text Books both
Hornbill and Snapshots with 1+1 pattern. (150 Words) 01X06 = 06 Marks
Question 13: Value based Question (One from both textbooks with a choice)   04 marks

Long Reading Text - Novel - 15 Marks
The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde (unabridged version 1906 Edition)
Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington 2000 Edition

Question 14: Long Answer Question (Approximately 150 Words) 08 Marks
Question 15: Long Answer Question (Approximately 130 Words) 07 Marks

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