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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Report Writing

A report is a brief account of an event that has already taken place. A Report helps in recording events of importance that occurs in our day to day life. A report attempts to present the first hand information of an incident or event. A report of an event presents a record of events that took place. A report on an event includes one’s ideas, opinions and impressions on the event.


• Mention the place, date, time and other relevant facts about the event.
• Include information collected from people around or affected by the event.
• Write the name of the reporter.
• Provide a suitable title/heading.
• Write in past tense.
• Write in reported speech and use passive form of expression.
• Develop ideas (causes, reasons, consequences, opinions) logically.
• Write in a less formal and more descriptive manner while writing a report for a school magazine.
• Present your ideas and impressions to make the report interesting

You are Roshan /Roshini, Secretary of Cultural club, Hyderabad Public School, Hyderabad. As a member of N.G.C. (National Green Corps), write a report, in 100 – 125 words for your school magazine.

The cultural club of our school in association with National Green Corps organized many activities during the year 2010 for the cause of greener environment in and around the school. A seminar in the month of February was held for students on the need to save environment. In April, the Vanamahotsav week was observed, which was inaugurated with a tree plantation drive. 500 saplings were planted in the colonies in and around the school.

Several interhouse competitions including postermaking and drawing were conducted which witnessed a huge participation. Students volunteered to clean the surroundings. Pamphlets were distributed among the public to promote cleanliness and hygiene.

A rally was organized in September to create awareness among the public to stop the use of plastic bags and to replace it with ecofriendly products. The various purposeful activities conducted during the year were well received and were to a great extent effective in creating awareness among the people.

Secretary, Cultural Club

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